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Paramount girls, can I get some action with the girls there??  
Well people, if its strictly prohibited to play at the paramount strip club and the ladies are yummy there, how about trying this method? Mention Perb to all of them!!?? Some might consider it. Wor//--> Posted by coldwave  
No. 5 orange has been a total disappointment the last couple of times...  
They used to be well known for having actual restaurant quality food and now it's reduced to 4 crappy items I guess they way reduced their kitchen. The last time I went the girls were only mediocre //--> Posted by johnA27  
Hows lap dances at Brandys?  
Are they contact? One way? Both way? I've heard of Brandys as being just way too upscale, and more for girls night out kinda thing. Not really somewhere to go for a guy to have fun, and probably w//--> Posted by johnA27  
Strip club scene and Paramount? Vegas like?  
What's the Paramount like and what are the ladies like? Any favourites. One you go to the clubs in Vegas it's kinda hard to find the same calibre around here. Visiting Vancouver again next month!//--> Posted by ChrisMan100  
Lap dancing deemed criminal: Montreal  
I just read the following post in the "C-36 Media Watchlist Thread": Lap dancing deemed criminal: Montreal police crackdown claims longstanding Decarie Blvd bar Feb//--> Posted by Man Mountain  
THe Paramount revisted  
It's been a long time since I've been (Perhaps 4 years or more). Dropped in last Tuesday and caught 3 stage shows and got laps from two different girls, Layla and Bunny -Pros - the price of admissio//--> Posted by Escapist  
Gallery Show Lounge a bust???  
Anyone know whatever happened with the new club that was supposed to open down in Marpole area? There was hype a few years ago but its been quiet since.//--> Posted by oneanddone  
The Granville Strip - anyone been lately?  
Has anyone been to The Granville Strip recently?//--> Posted by SirJimmy  
Strip Bars in Whistler  
A few inquiries for a stag: 1) Are there strip bars in Whistler? or even Pemberton? 2) What would be the go-to agency for helping with a bachelor party in Whistler? 3) Anyone know if this age//--> Posted by Hugh G Rekshun  
Anyone been to Caddyshack in Maple Ridge lately and can tell me some info?  
As in, for lap dances, is touching allowed? Do the girls even touch you? Or is No 5 the ONLY place left in BC where there is 2 way touching?//--> Posted by johnA27  
Strip Clubs - Recommendations.  
Believe it or not, I have never been to a strip club in BC. I had never been to one till June of last year when I went to Toronto!! (Btw, that's how I got initiated into pooning two weeks later. :) //--> Posted by take8easy  
Strip clubs closing due to lack of demand across Canada  
Young men more interested in electronics than live strippers, says Adult Entertainment Association of Canada Strip clubs, with flashy signs advertising nude dancers, once had a strong footin//--> Posted by escapefromstress  
No 5 vs Brandi's vs The Penthouse for a stag  
Been to all 3 relatively recently, on a Thu night - bear in mind I was with an SP so that may have influenced the experience. In order of rotation thru the night: No. 5 - Very, very busy, fairly see//--> Posted by Pints  
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