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No 5 Orange  
I hadn't been to a strip club in years, but wound up at the Number 5 Orange in Gastown last night with a "lady" friend. We had a blast. Cover on Thursday was only $5/person. Soooooo many young, ho//--> Posted by nmo_tallguy  
RIP the Fox Pub  
A cultural icon in Victoria is gone: The Red Fox Pub at the Red Lion Inn has been permanently closed after a couple of incidents last week. Victoria no longer has a strip club. Sadness is! :sorrow://--> Posted by Walk Softly  
Caddyshack in Maple Ridge  
Checked out the Caddyshack last week after not being there for a few years. Was decently busy on a Friday night and had about 8 girls walking around for lap dances. Didn't partake but one girl I asked//--> Posted by Savage  
Is Seattle worth it for strip club mileage?  
Hi, guys, I am planning to visit Seattle for a week. My question is are extras available in Seattle strip clubs?//--> Posted by Hey Joe 70  
Strip Clubs in Vancouver  
I know Iíve seen this a lot & I added to a previous post but it disappeared. Iíll be in Vancouver after Christmas & the lady Iíll be with has never had a lap dance & is interested & nervous. - do st//--> Posted by alcxd  
The closest location to Vancouver BC for strip club extras is Seattle.  
If your looking for mileage your best bet is Pandoras strip club in Seattle Washington.:)//--> Posted by Hey Joe 70  
Strip clubs  
Back to van for a visit Any recommendations ? Thanks//--> Posted by Senzo  
Penthouse strip club??  
I frequent the #5 orange... haven't been to the PH in a long time. Check out the 5 if you have some time....//--> Posted by Seabeast  
Vancouver strip clubs?  
What are some of the better strip clubs in or near downtown vancouver? Never been to a strip club in vancouver what are the rules? is there alcohol? actual lap dances ? touching allowed ? cost per dan//--> Posted by rjo  
Paramount girls, can I get some action with the girls there??  
Had 4 2 for 1 dances from Meela (sp?) today: a pretty redhead with nice, perky natural pierced C's. mild grinding, enough to get me hard but not enough to keep me there. Nice girl, a real sweetheart. //--> Posted by coldwave  
No. 5 orange has been a total disappointment the last couple of times...  
They used to be well known for having actual restaurant quality food and now it's reduced to 4 crappy items I guess they way reduced their kitchen. The last time I went the girls were only mediocre //--> Posted by johnA27  
Hows lap dances at Brandys?  
It was $50/song for an air dance. But one time I went in, she started babbling about how she was a VIP and it was $60/song. Might have noticed I was quite inebriated, so the price changed, I don't kno//--> Posted by johnA27  
Strip club scene and Paramount? Vegas like?  
What's the Paramount like and what are the ladies like? Any favourites. One you go to the clubs in Vegas it's kinda hard to find the same calibre around here. Visiting Vancouver again next month!//--> Posted by ChrisMan100  
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