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880-7759 another stay away  
Saw her few days ago. She showed up and I was freaked out. Walked//--> Posted by sexym1  
Marai 5880 in Richmond  
Hi Anyone have any info on this beautiful creature? Smoking hot body and probably to good to be true but I can't find any info under her name of phone number, or her pics being used elsewhere Thank//--> Posted by spaceguy65  
2353 Layla  
Sunday rain day. texting 2353 to see if Layla Ava around 4pm, got quick response, she's! Layla opened door with warm welcome like she was very happy and surprise to see me again, it's my 5th ti//--> Posted by oscar618  
Andrea Bell, Mia Bell, Wynter, Juniper  
Juniper 3358 Went for a visit. Was recommended Juniper by handler. Definitely looks older than stated. I would say late 20s. Plenty of foundation covering up some skin issues. Nice body ov//--> Posted by thisisnottheend  
Maya - Asian Fever  
I'll keep it nice and short since I'm not exactly the most "reviewy?" kind of person. As usual with AF the photos are true to life. I definitely agree with their description of her body type being //--> Posted by kazuto0905  
Back to Dove @ Asian Fever  
I have to say, Dove is really good. It's always surprising I have to get back to her soon//--> Posted by BlueNight99  
Zoe 9287  
Hello all, I finally had a chance to see Zoe and I know why there are no reviews on this individual. I figure that everyone is keeping this one to themselves. So the cat is out of the bag now. For //--> Posted by spareribs  
A couple quickies Gemma 9087, Heather 6456, Emily 2692  
Went on a tear last Friday. Remember, totally subjective. Emily - looks as advertised, needs direction but wanting to please. No rushing. Maybe didn't connect super well(?) I like a bit more assert//--> Posted by trewdat  
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