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Melody & Amber 5890  
Any idea if it's the same Melody that used to work DT? The one I'm thinking of had smaller boobs (Bs) but maybe she got them done. Her pics look amazing though, holy moley. :D thanks for the reviews//--> Posted by bluejay151515  
New import Debby - my current no1 punch at VP1354  
Can we ban you from using the term "ATF"? It's become moot.//--> Posted by kglover  
Hump day with Sweet Adelaide Jones  
I visited Sweet Adelaide Jones just before Christmas and it was amazing! Initial contact was by email and she responds fairly quickly to your request. She only works during the day and only a few days//--> Posted by italian233  
January reviews  
Lady Via 1139 - saw her surrey availability with January specials, contact was quick and easy. Well reviewed and deserving of all praise. Pics are her and she does look better in person. Repeat - def//--> Posted by PB7979  
Ben's girls  
What happened to Ben's stable of girls?//--> Posted by lexus300  
Kyla 0238 Rip Off Skank  
Lives in one of the worst places I have ever seen up against the highway top of 207A in Langley. Place smelled like a thousand people pissed in it. She may of looked good one day but sure doesn't now //--> Posted by stick66  
Lily 3609 review  
Recommend: yes to the guys I hate like Q.M (jk, because I know for sure he'll visit and drop a line here. Watch) Well, since you foretold my coming..............:pound//--> Posted by sexym1  
Lauren 604 652 4614  
I suspect this is the same girl.> Posted by georgej  
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