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A Few Sort Of Reviews  
Should definitely see the waitress and see where it goes special rate for repeat ? Seems negotiable//--> Posted by shakeshake  
Bella 3697 Pics are of her and are legit. A bit chubby but not bbw. Everything//--> Posted by 778604_Walker  
Anna Bellucci  
Sweet mother of all that is good and pure... I started to believe in god after tonight that I saw her.. Obviously god put too much time and energy to create her. Funniest, cutest, sexiest girl I've e//--> Posted by Dani88  
A Great Connection with Lexy  
This is my first time reviewing on Perb. My wife and I usually go for massages together and I rarely go for fs providers on my own but I had a very pleasant experience last night with Lexy Shields 248//--> Posted by Jane and Jay  
Couple of different reviews -  
Tamira - 7276 - Half hour, quick and satisfying. Saggy stomach, flabby body, harsh European Accent and very European features. Typical older metrotown apartment, typical older woman. Not my fl//--> Posted by cunnlinglinguistic  
Belle 8361 (A.K.A. Kelly from Burnaby) WOT WOM  
Don't waste your time seeing this one. Dirty apartment in Burnaby, air mattresses setup in living room, fairly certain she goes from place to place hooking. She also says that she will party with crys//--> Posted by cunnlinglinguistic  
lucy 4020 now 3304  
I'm pretty new to the game and never been one to comment but I thought I would share this gem with you guys as I've seen her 3 times for an hour session and everyone was better than the last. I made a//--> Posted by imba604  
Some Overdue reviews  
Here are some girls I've seen the last little while. Pls keep in mind ymmv Lacey 8598 Leo L: 7 Pics are her and she is attractive. Kind of a GND A: 8 Friendly and talkative. Comfortable being wi//--> Posted by stickboi  
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