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Toftt Pepper 1122 PETITE AF OMG ( New location for 1122 )  
Just came across a new add from the 1122 group. They have a new addition to the family a CBV girl Pepper. She’s advertised at 4’10 under 100 pounds. It’s her first day so there was n//--> Posted by Dave441  
Doreen 3372 - BBW at its best!  
Been eyeing on Doreen for a while and if your a canto speaker her name can be "Dor-liiiin", pretty much you can imagine how the tits look, they are humungous! Anyways its a rainy day and its a good ti//--> Posted by hellokinky  
Iris - 6018  
Had the pleasure of finally seeing Iris today . Reviews of her have been spot on . Friendly , sexy , accommodating and truly seems to enjoy pleasing . Banging body and a great smile . Went for the bas//--> Posted by alwayssearching  
Kelsey - Donít be so quick to judge!  
Well ladies and gentlemen there is no bait and switch here ! Kelsey comes as advertised! Acouple months ago I took the plunge many of us have pondered. Now I can say - been there, done that....regard//--> Posted by LarryandMoe  
Alva Yumikolove 3372 - Wild and seductive  
I have been pooning way too much these few weeks. I think I'll take a break after Xinyo so my wallet and sperm count can recover. Alva, as most of you know, is part time only. So she actually goes //--> Posted by Mrdukesilver  
Kelsey (aka Kelshy) @ LFL (5969)  
Another girl of many names. I saw her last year for HS as Kandice @ Kpies. She has a nice, informative web site ( that explains the reason for the name changes on //--> Posted by northvan10  
few quick reviews  
Happy holidays... Simone @ daynight It was a bit difficult making an appointment with her, either not working or our time did not gel, anyways finally made an appointment last week //--> Posted by hypes  
Handful of Reviews  
Sophia Kunis - f6, b8, a9, s9 - she was a great time. Would highly recommend for her service, although the photos make her seem a little hotter than she is. Hope thi//--> Posted by thisisdumb5  
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